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Welcome to ACIS Palmdale, California.  ACIS Detectives is a full service private investigations firm serving Palmdale, Landcaster, Bakersfield, and surrounding cities and communities in Kern counties.   When dealing with the possibility that your spouse or significant other is cheating, it could be an extremely painful and devastating position to be in.  We at ACIS  Investigations try to make this situation for you as smooth as possible with peace of mind. 

If you think your spouse or significant other talks to their lover from the home, we sell a device that if you plug to any phone jack in your house, it will record both ends of the phone conversation.

We sell a medical product (liquid form) that detects semen on clothing.  For example, you know in the morning that your spouse or significant other put on a fresh pair of underwear.  They come home and you find a stain on their underwear, you drop the liquid on the stain and it will be a specific color if it is positive or negative for semen.  If it is positive, you know your spouse or significant other had sex that day.  It is the same concept as a home pregnancy test and is 100% accurate. We also provide cheating spouse investigation services in these counties: Los Angeles, Kern, Riverside,   San Bernardino,  Orange County, and San diego.


Cheating Spouse|Private Investigator|Surveillance|Palmdale, CA
The services we offer for cheating spouse investigations are as follows.

Our private detectives will follow your spouse or significant other on certain days or times that you think that they could be cheating .  If your spouse or significant other meets any people of the opposite sex, our private investigators will take video/pictures of them together, write down the details of the lover's car with license plate.  If need be our pi's  can also run the license plates of their lover to find out their name and ttheir address.  Should already know who the other lover is we can also do surveillance on them. 

At ACIS, our private investigators use GPS devises to track vehicles in real time providing up-to-date information on the whereabouts of your vehicle.  We have deployed the GPS trackers to assist parents in montoring their teenage children, employers keep track of vehicles and drivers, and spouses keep track of the activities and use of the family car. 

Our private investigators at ACIS investigations can assist with obtain information regarding use of the computer in cheating cases. 


Corporate Employee Theft – Private Investigator -California  

In California corporate employee theft is a common occurrence results in billions loss annually due to fraud, embezzlement, burglaries, copyright and patent violations.  At ACIS, we offer corporate investigative Services on a monthly rate with proactive and reactive approach to recovering stolen property and prevention.  When you hire ACIS for corporate solutions, we protect corporate assets and employees using our private investigators and security consultants.