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Anaheim Hills Best Private Investigator

Criminal Investigation 

At ACIS investigations in Anaheim Hills and Orange County, our Private Investigators work with clients and law offices to assist with criminal defense and civil litigation.  Once we assigned a case to our private investigators working out of Anaheim Hills, Santa Ana, New Port Beach, Tustin, and Costa Mesa service locations, they will review your case and provide a comprehensive investigation to support defense strategy when defending criminal matters. At ACIS Orange County, case review entails examing all facets of the prosecution case and preparing reports ponpointing the strength and weakness covering each of these crucial areas:

  • Initial Police Contact and reasonable suspicion
  • Probable Cause, Search & Seizure
  • Interview & Interrogation
  • Evidence & Chain of Custody
  • Witness Statements & Identification
  • Police Lineup
  • Detention
  • Miranda
  • Alibi 

 Attorney Services  

At ACIS investigations in Anaheim Hills, our private investigators work to provide clients with accurate information.  We will only conduct locate investigations for appropriate reasons (process service, missing family member, friend, collect debt, or bail fugitive.)  Our fee for locate investigation is $75.00 per hour with an initial $300.00 retainer fee. In many instances, the intial retainer will cover the cost for a simple locate.  However, there are some cases that are difficult and more labor intense requiring use of surveillance and other investigative techniques over a period of time.  We charge hourly rate if the individual is not located within the first 3-5 hours. 

Infidelity Private Investigation 

Anaheim Hills ACIS private investigators are on call and available for consultation 24/7. We specailize in all areas of private investigation such as, surveillance, child custody, missing persons, background checks and matrimonial & infidelity investigations. We will conduct your investigation discreetly and with the utmost confidentiality. We are licensed by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services ("BSIS") to transact business as a private investigation firm and are licensed bonded and insured. All ACIS private investigators have prior law enforcement background. Call us if you need help. We will meet you anywhere of your choice to discuss your case privately. There is always a free consultation for services. 

 Surveillance - Private Investigator 

Our Private investigators in Anaheim Hills can assist you in investigations where covert operations are required.  We specialize in covert electronic security measures, including covert CCTV camera systems, nanny cameras, covert GPS tracking systems, and electronic counter measures for our corporate clients. These devices can be employed to undercover theft, detect corporate espionage and to ensure compliance of drivers, sales persons and other employees.  Contact us for a free consultation to see if electronic security can be Your investigative solution.