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Oceanside|San Clemente|Private Investigator|

At ACIS Oceanside, our Private Investigators and partners provide service to businesses, law firms, and private individuals in Oceanside and throughout San Diego county and the state of California.  If your city or community is not listed here, chances are we still provide private investigation services in your area. 

Our private detectives are former Police Officers or federal criminal investigators with over 30 years of investigation experience.  We have contacts in law enforcement, business, and banking communities. At ACIS Oceanside, our private investigators and detectives have extensive experience in obtaining the statements of witnesses, due diligence, conducting surveillance and intellectual property investigations.  We are able to assist businesses and employers with both internal and external investigations include integrity checks and employee screening.

At ACIS our private  investigators and partners provide a full range of services to include Civil, Infidelity, Criminal and Intellectual Property Investigations, Surveillance, GPS monitoring, and Employee Screening. Over the years, growth in population and the local economy in Oceanside has attracted various industries and companies.  Our private investigators work with companies and private individuals to collect facts and bring the truth to the light. 


Welcome to Magnum Security Services, a partner and division of ACIS Investigations in California.  At Magnum Security Services, our security guards and agents are licensed with BSIS and trained professionals with extensive experience in law enforcement, military, or security services.  Magnum Security Services work with ACIS to protect clients' properties, employees, and loss due to theft, vandalism, fire, or dishonesty workers and contractors. Our security guards and agents provide a full range of security and protection services.  

At Magnum Security Services, the mission is to meet all clients needs and to employ the most ethical and responsible security officers and protection agents in the business.  Our security guards and agents are professionals dedicated to providing security services, solutions, and strategies that work.  We evaluate clients needs and customize security services to address real issues and minimizing waste and cost.  We provide services to  corporate, industrial, retail, and private clients.  We handle special events and there is no job that is too big or too small.  For more information, visit Magnum Security Services on the Internet or call toll free 1(866) 920-2620 for free consultation.   



Welcome to Axel Bail Bonds ... partners with ACIS Investigations.  As partners with ACIS, we work with Criminal investigators and attorneys to get clients released from custody at the time of arrest and booking.  Our bail agents provide nationwide bail services and availble to use bail authority to remove inmate from custody to assist with criminal defense.  At some ACIS locations, private investigators have dual responsibilities; they are trained private investigators and licensed and bonded as bail agents.  If you need an expert to assist with criminal defense, contact ACIS or  Axel Bail bonds to get the client released from custody and the investigation started.  Call toll free 1-(866) 309-5509 to speak with a bail bondsmen.