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Private Investigation - Legal Solutions
At ACIS, you will find experienced private investigators able to provide the right investigative solutions.  We have resources and developed business relationships with affiliates and organizations in the industry over a period of a few years.  We assist counsel to uncover information quickly while working within the framework of professional ethnics, experience and the law. 
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Criminal Investigations: 
Law Firms benefit from our investigations of those that you represent. We look for new leads and evidence that exonerates your clients. Our testimony has influenced many court cases and errors in police investigations have been caught, thanks to us. Your clients' alibis can be corroborated by our private investigator.

Civill Investigations: 
When there is an accident and someone gets hurt, there is always a story to tell. Our private investigator finds out just the facts of what led to the accident. If needed, we bring on board specialists to assist with the case. We interview the witnesses and examine all the evidence that supports our client.

All of us expect partners to be faithful to us and not to enter into another romantic or sexual relationship outside our own r relationship.  Unfortunately, circumstances, relationship difficulties, opportunity can all lead to unfaithful activities.  Primarily through surveillance, ACIS private investigators are able to document those activities and allow you to make an informed choice as to the future of your relationship. 

Life Style Analysis: 
partners that have abandoned the relationship have also abandoned their financial responsibilities as well.  In some cases, persons lie to the court regarding their employment status, their employment income, and their level of expenses.   A life style analysis developed through research and surveillance may assist the client in proving that information previously provided to the court is less than truthful.  

Pre Relationship Analysis:
A number of people feel that the best time to investigate a mate or partner is before entering into a relationship where many years may be invested,  only to find out that the character of the intended partner will not be able to sustain the relationship.  Through various investigative means, we are able to verify many of the thing that have been told to you by your potential relationship partner to allow you to make an assessment as to whether he or she is being honest with you.

Child Care Issues: 
Often at issue is how children are cared for when in the care of the opposing spouse.  Are they eating properly, are they properly supervised, are they left alone, are caregivers using drugs or alcohol when children are in their care.

Background For Family Members: 
Often our children or siblings become involved in affairs of the heart where they are unable to see the forest for the trees.  They become involved with persons who we can see clearly are not appropriate, who may try to isolate them from family and who use them financially or in other ways without proper concern.  The task, which is often difficult, is to make our family member see the reality of the situation.  Often they are unwilling to do so without compelling evidence.  ACIS private investigators, through various investigative techniques, can often build a case that you can present to your family member that shows this person is the true light of day. 

Witness Locate
Our private investigators are hired to locate missing spouses or persons for serving documents or just to establish where they have gone. 

Asset Tracing:  
Sometimes when relationships fall apart, financial matters are also involved including the movement and hiding of assets.  ACIS Private Detectives can assist family law counsel with locating some assets and tracing the movement of others.  In many cases, we are able to assist in the production of the necessary evidence to allow counsel to seek injunctive relief on your behalf.